"I like RICHTWERT because Bahram invests like a businessman and treats customers very fairly. He knows what is important in business, looks for the most attractive companies, waits for the market to misjudge them and invests opportunistically. His own capital is invested in the same way and I only pay for success.“


S. Marchner

“At RICHTWERT, Bahram is consistently executing an investment strategy for his partners and for himself, which I endorse 100%. He remains true to his approach, acts like a businessman and is only paid for success. I am looking forward to many more years of partnership and cooperation!” 

S. Hensen

“We trust RICHTWERT with our money because Bahram always acts rationally and prudently no matter how crazy markets get. He is not influenced by other people's opinions or short-term events and always has a company‘s potential and its true value in mind. We believe this is crucial for long-term success in investing.”

F. Probst

“RICHTWERT earns my respect and capital because Bahram analyzes companies thoroughly and unemotionally and invests like a long-term owner. I particularly appreciate his experience in dealing with the stock market's frantic moods as well as RICHTWERT´s exclusively success-oriented model.”

G. Elbers