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We help successful business owners protect and grow hard-earned wealth

Owner-operated investment management for business owners and their families

We invest like business owners

We have "skin in the game"

You only pay for success

What makes RICHTWERT different?

Our clients trust us for more than seven years because they can rely on us to always follow three key principles when we invest in stocks.


We invest like business owners

Instead of speculating on stock prices, we see ourselves as long-term owners of businesses and look to the returns they generate for us as businesses.

We use stocks to effectively become long-term owners in carefully selected, superior, undervalued businesses worldwide.

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We have "skin in the game"

We have a single global strategy

which contains our best ideas. Therefore, we invest our own capital the same way we do yours. 

In fact, Bahram Assadollahzadeh, our founder and CEO, has more than 80% of his own wealth invested in the same portfolio he manages at RICHTWERT.

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You only pay for success

We don't charge you any fees and we don’t receive any commissions. You only pay a profit share after we deliver 6% a year.

Potential losses have to be recovered before we are entitled to a profit share. We believe in Win-Win.

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Our clients in their own words

At RICHTWERT, Bahram is consistently executing an investment strategy for his clients and for himself, which I endorse 100%. He remains true to his approach, acts like a businessman and is only paid for success.

I am looking forward to many more years of partnership and cooperation!

- Sven Hensen

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Business Angel, Investor


Great businesses are the engines of progress and prosperity

Become a long-term owner of carefully selected, superior, and undervalued businesses worldwide

Invest with us knowing that we have our own net worth invested alongside yours

Only pay for success

Bahram Assadollahzadeh

Bahram Assadollahzadeh, CFA

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