help PEOPLE invest intelligently so THEY can live the life THEY deserve

Dear Investors,


I founded RICHTWERT because I believe

  • hard working people and families who have saved all their lives and those who are saving now for their future,

  • businessmen and -women who have created wealth and

  • endowments that do good

deserve better.


People's savings earn next to nothing because we have bailed out speculators and socialized the debt of irresponsible borrowers. Worse yet, people are forced into ever riskier investments to earn returns. This again will lead to great pain during the next crisis.


Most pensions, insurance companies, advisors earn attractive fees, but have no skin in the game and create little value.


The wealthiest have become rich beyond imagination while the rest look to the future with unease or fear (The Great Wealth Gap).


Why is that? Reality is

  • most of us receive poor advice,

  • therefore, we choose poor investments which produce disappointing results,

  • and as a consequence, we invest less than we could and should.


RICHTWERT's goal is to change this by bringing fairness and the mindset of business ownership back to investing.

PEOPLE deserve better

I believe it is alarming and unnecessary for so many (incl. the middle-class) to be left behind (The Great Wealth Gap)The negative consequences of inequality (uncertainty, fear, envy, resentment) are painfully visible around the world.


I also believe it is unfair for those who have created wealth to have to choose between taking significant risks or accepting low returns.


RICHTWERT is my attempt to change this for people who are not satisfied with the status quo. People who question conventional wisdom and see the world differently.

RICHTWERT's strategy?



I Eat My Own Cooking:

I have nearly all my net worth invested alongside my investors. We sit in the same boat.

No Fees:

I only receive a share of the profits that exceed a predefined annual target.


I tell my investors the facts I would want to know if our positions were reversed.



I invest with patience and discipline in great businesses,

run by honest, capable and motivated managers,

when they are underappreciated or out of favor and therefore cheap.

(rational, value-oriented, risk-averse, long-term, independent, focused)

Interested in learning more?

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Discover how investing in public markets can enable you to become an intelligent businesses owner.



At RICHTWERT I primarily invest in businesses listed on public markets (stocks), because:​

1. Great businesses are the true

creators of wealth.

2. Stocks are part ownerships in businesses.


3. Public markets (stocks) offer much greater choice.


4. Public markets (stocks) are more often & more deeply mispriced.


5. Public markets (stocks) have much lower frictional costs.



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