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Dear Investors,


I founded RICHTWERT because I believe you deserve better than investment advisors and managers

  • who have never built or run a company, 

  • who invest their own money differently than yours, and 

  • who charge high fees and commissions regardless of your success.

In my prior roles as a consultant, an e-commerce director and a founder, I had experienced repeatedly that decision makers make better decisions when they are incentivized to think like owners.

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However, when I enthusiastically entered the investment industry in 2010, I discovered that almost no one views themselves as an owner when investing in stocks. Instead, I found meaningless statistics, unrealistic predictive models, and misaligned incentives creating significant conflicts of interest between investors and their advisors.

Disappointed with how the industry works and the harm this causes to clients, I founded RICHTWERT to provide you with a

fair, entrepreneurial and intelligent alternative to what is common in investment management:

  • At RICHTWERT, I am always in the same boat with you, because in addition to being solely responsible for our investments, I have also invested almost all my net worth as a client in the same portfolio that I manage for you. 

  • Moreover, you only pay RICHTWERT for success. We don’t charge you any fees and we don’t receive any commissions. You only pay a profit share when we achieve at least 6% per year for you. 

  • Finally, I always invest like a business owner - rational, value-oriented, risk-averse, long-term, independent, focused and opportunistic. I only invest in businesses where I would not mind if the market closed for five years and where I would also be happy to invest up to 30% of our capital given the right price. This is the kind of conviction I look for before investing. 


I hope you find the result worthwhile and look forward to welcoming you as a long-term investor in the circle of our successful business owners and investors.




Bahram Assadollahzadeh, CFA
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